Kettebells, Dumbells and Barbells

Applying physical force to an external resistance defines physical strength.  Using Kettle Bells, Dumb Bells, and Barbells can improve strength, as well as balance and coordination.  Like a tool in a tool box, however, much of the challenge is in selecting and using the best tool for the task at hand.  In this two day workshop you will be able to determine when to use these tools and to demonstrate their most common movements in a safe and effective manner. No prior experience is required. 

*When registering please pick two from the four class offerings.  This is a 2 day workshop

Class Length: 
1 hour
Location: Beede Center
Min/Max: 2/4   
Age: 14+   

Kettlebells and Dumb Bells-pick two class times

7:00-8:00P  Tues  9/12  370102-12 
9:00-10:00A  Thur  9/14  370102-14 
7:00-8:00P  Tues  9/19  370102-22 
9:00-10:00A  Thur  9/21  370102-24 

Transferring to Barbells-pick two class times

 9/26 370102-32 
 9/28 370102-34 
 10/3 370102-42 
 10/5 370102-44 

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