Tango, Foxtrot, & Waltz

movement center

Come join us and learn the basic steps, patterns, and turns of these three classic styles of ballroom dance. The elegance of Waltz, the passion of Tango, and romance of Foxtrot. In no time you’ll be gliding across the dance floor. Singles and couples welcome! Please bring clean shoes, no high heels. Street shoes are not allowed in the studio.

Class Length: 1 Hour
Location: The Movement Center Acton, MA
Min/Max: 10/12
Age: 14+
Instructor: The Movement Center

Fall Session 12:00-3:00PMSunday9/24-10/15331217-S1$64
Fall Session 22:00-3:00PMSunday10/22-11/12331217-S2$64
Winter Session 12:00-3:00PMSunday1/28-2/18431107-S1$64
Winter Session 22:00-3:00PMSunday2/25-3/18431107-S2$64