Dry Land Exercises

Dynamic Stretching means stretching with movement. Dynamic stretches should be an integral part of your exercise routine. It is the active movement of a muscle to an extended range of motion. But that motion should not exceed the length of your static (stationary) stretching ability. Dynamic Stretches should be performed prior to performing any movement that is going to put tension/exertion on your muscles for an extended period of time.

  1. Increases your range pf motion.
  2. Aids in the delivery of blood and oxygen to the soft tissues prior to exertion.
  3. Increases the ability of a muscle to produce force.
  4. Protects the joints during activity.
  5. Prevents injuries.
  6. Improves muscular performance throughout a muscles entire range of motion.
  1. Helps prevent injury by increasing flexibility.
  2. Helps improve stroke rate through increased speed.
  3. Helps improve your power in the water and getting more distance per stroke.
  4. Helps improve endurance by increasing the cardio vascular system.
Hope this helps you stay active and healthy until we can all get back in the pool!