LARP Adventure

Imagine if you could walk into your favorite book, play, tv show or movie. What if you could become your favorite character in this story. Then you discover that you could control all the decisions, actions, directions, of this character, being able to influence the plot and outcome of the story in this fantastic world, living as they do. What would you do? What would you become? We believe that imagination and play are paramount for the human experience. These qualities enrich communities that create exciting and awesome experiences.These experiences are the very thing that foster life and fantastic human interactions. We strive to create spaces year after year that do just that through immersive story experiences or live action role play.

Here is a link to the video of our day camp program:

Here is a cinematic trailer for our program:

Class Length: 1hour
Location: 55 Church
Min/Max: 4/10
Ages: 10-13

​SPRING SESSION: April 5-June 7

 4:30-5:30PM  Th  4/5-6/7  122229-H1  $265.00